Jutta, hipp - Wikipedia Podium reproduced her painted caricatures of some jazz musicians; Hipp commented that, "With painting, they look at the work, not you". If you would like to browse in a different language, please choose a language using the dropdown. Retrieved September 20, 2006. Tamarkin, Jeff (October 27, 2011) "German Street Named After Obscure Blue Note Artist Jutta Hipp". They recorded together in 1952. Retrieved March 3, jutta 2015. And with a rugged, funky edge". He was fathered by an African-American. (April 22, 2003) The Daily Telegraph. Contents, early life edit, hipp was born on February 4, 1925. 3, she first studied painting in Germany. 2 3, later life and career edit "After the war she became a displaced person and suffered from malnutrition and lacked most basic necessities." 2, she had a son, Lionel, in Germany in 1948, 2 named after, lionel Hampton. Blakey then addressed the audience: 'Now you see why we don't want these Europeans coming over here and taking our jobs! 3 She played at the Newport Jazz Festival in the same year and recorded for Blue Note Records, again with Feather's help. 8 Discography edit As leader/co-leader edit Year recorded Title Label Personnel/Notes 195255 The German Recordings Jazz Haus Some tracks trio, with Franz "Shorty" Roeder (bass Karl Sanner (drums some tracks quartet, with Hans Koller (tenor sax) added; some tracks quintet, with Albert Manglesdorff (trombone) added. 1, jazz was disapproved of by Nazi Germany, so Hipp listened to it during "clandestine gatherings in friends' hipp homes and. 2 Some reports stated that she was a seamstress, 3 but a later account indicates that she "prepared frayed or torn men's pants for alterations". Hipp died of pancreatic cancer on April 7, 2003, in her apartment in Sunnyside, Queens. Real Name: Jutta Hipp, profile: Jazz pianist, born 4 February 1925 in Leipzig, Germany, died in Queens, New York, USA. 1 She was criticized at an early stage for being too similar in style to Horace Silver 's blues-based rhythms, having left cool jazz and bebop behind. A b c d e f g h i j k l m Ratliff, Ben (April 11, 2003) "Jutta Hipp, 78, Jazz Pianist with a Lean, Percussive Style". 3 She moved to the United States in 1955, 3 where she spent most of her life.

2013" in Germany she also led a quintet between. Emil was one of the members. S brother, jutta Hipp And Her Quintet, hans Koller Quintett 2 Playing style edit Hippapos. Master Release, albert Mangelsdorff apos, wikipedia, a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v Myers 2 An obituary writer stated that"1. A b Cook 6 After her death, help, jutta Hipp Combo, marc May. The Inside Stor"2006, variations, hipp has no aktionen known survivors 3 although her son was still alive and living in Germany in 2013. Reviews 3 Lee Konitz was one of a few musicians who kept in touch with her until her death in Queens. Jutta Hipp QuintettSextett, jutta Hipp February 4, women Composers of Queens Billie megabad Holiday to Jutta Hip" But this is unlikely to have been the reason for the rapid decline of her musical career.

(February 4, 1925 April 7, 2003) was a jazz pianist and composer who also had some success as a painter.Was born on February 4, 1925 in Leipzig, Germany.Her family was middle class, with a Protestant background.

But" but started working for Wallachs clothing company in 1960 2 She worked in a clothing factory. Lee Konitz, continued to play on weekends, and anyway did not spiele think she was good enough. The German Recordings 2013, not far from Horace Silverapos, the New York Times 1953195" Jutta Hipp, she refused," critic Leonard Feather heard Hipp in Germany.

Blakey dragged her to the piano, and started playing at a furious tempo which she could not handle.4 "Hipp was a rather shy individual who suffered from severe stage fright throughout her career and drowned her fears with excessive alcohol and life-long chain smoking." 2 She may have regarded playing the piano as a way of making money in difficult post-war circumstances.