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Do good looking men date ugly women I Am Wants Real Sex Dating

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Do good looking men date ugly women

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You better get ready for this one. Read my lips… get yourself an ugly man. You heard what I said. Trust me on do good looking men date ugly women one. I thought I had a nice looking man but that was a big LOL all he went to do is drink beer all day it has been 2 years and we have not be out for dinner or. He tells me I can go out if I went to average man picture he stays home all the time. Steve I like your show you are funny I have you on my phone Thank You.

I Search Adult Dating Do good looking men date ugly women

My grandma told me a long time ago that we all get old and ugly. Bring ugly on, but please let him have a good heart, love the lord and a good soul. Steve I have never had fine men they have always alright but they have been good to and bad.

Steve you sure ugly guys are the better than the other ones? U are a dk role model and a good adviser especially when it comes to down to men.

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U have taught me a lot over the years. Keep up the good work. I was married to am ugly man and, he still cheated mn Me with his younger brothers how wife! Steve you are absolutely right.

I feel for a big ugly man. I was so needy for attention, love, money, a father for my kids.

To my surprise he was that and more with a bonus … He love God. Ugly men are so happy to have you they worship the ground you walk on.

Always calling you, texting to just say you are on my mind, do you need.

Do good looking men date ugly women

Your car will always be spotless, oil changed, great set of tires, and maintenanced. Oh and believe you will have the newest car of the two of you regardless of which one you bought. They are affectionate, compassionate, will love your children as their.

Never ever have to nag him about going to church, grocery store, etc he is not letting you go alone. Steve why not tell men even the ugly ones to stop looking for skin do good looking men date ugly women bones.

To give the Fluffy women a try. Learned alot! Hugs, Marie. Half the people will always think someone is ugly and the other half will ugpy they are beautiful, so your plan is flawed.

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The ugly men I dated were still hateful, mean, cheaters. There is no such thing as ugly. It really doesnt exist. He was an asshole. I met my husband.

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I was so disappointed in Steve Harvey today. When I think of all the people that died so you and I could have integrity and respect and to hear you go on national tv and tell a black woman that she should put her integrity aside for money do good looking men date ugly women demeaning and I was hurt.

Is this what you tell your daughters?

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I understand that Monique may have gone too far in vocalizing her feelings but if she honestly believes she was being used or abused then she has nothing to apologize. Just like she got her residency in Vegas GOD will continue to provide for.

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vood You have certainly proven that money changes more than your address. I am truly disappointed and hurt by the stance you took today with Monique. Is this what you would tell Colin Kaepernick who has made the ultimate sacrifice for himself and his people.

Give Ugly Men a Chance – STEVE HARVEY

Steve please take another look at what you said to that woman that mother that actress today. I think his daughter took his advice and went after Jay Z. Steve for got to tell loking to make sure there single lol.

I love myself some Steve Harvey and his gorgeous wife. May God continue to bless how to talk to a lady marriage and whatever they put their hands to do! I love Watching Steve Harvey daily whole day. I enjoy listening to his views. It lightens question one also wonders. And his real says it like it do good looking men date ugly women.

Ladies, lets get our minds right, menn our heart can be at peace… Steve as always, thank you for the Truth, life has truly allowwd wisdom to be your best emn. Stay blessed marcia brown.

I who had work for the hospital know what it is to be in a coma and so long story short he put me through stressed and I cut his ass off. You said men are hunters will let him help do good looking men date ugly women if he want me LOL love you Steve.

Steve, my grandmother always said as long as you can wake up looking at the face. Those gorgeous hunks I used to be attracted too, Cheaters!!!!! SteveHarvey I agree with you. I believe the story the ugly duckling turns into a swan.

My now husband was not cute at all bucks cock sucker I didnt care. He had missing teeth. So in return I took him to ABC dental took out the bad teeth, replaced them with new, shaved him ball and bought him a foot bath for his dogs. That was 19 years ago. Steve even these GA ugly ass men got stupid issues.

Who can appreciate a woman of truth. Steve please daate me ask God for A New King all my. Until then happily celibate. Dollar I told him thats your child suupport money. I could never date a cute man they arel not??? Gave a half ugly man. An ugly man is a man with a bad heart. A beautiful do good looking men date ugly women is someone who shares their love mdn. Yes I would date a regular man, bring him on Steve.

I totally agree! I want someone who double checks me and is happy for what we have. Hell nah! Then mmen get big heads and do good looking men date ugly women neglect or cheat on you. This has happened to me on glod than one relationship. Getting an unattractive man is never the answer nor is it cut and dry. I think Mr Harvy is very attracted.

Sure he got what I call soup coolers, but that will make him a good kiss. And this is the best thing that ever happened to me! We have known each other for over 40 years, he keep me laughing to where my face hurts, he very supportive of me, he encourage me uglh go back to school, he tells me do good looking men date ugly women he love me multiple times everyday and most importantly he loves the Gay test game Uncle Steve dropping some jewels.

I find this to be somewhat true. I am not looking for outward appearances of people. Steve do good looking men date ugly women are so right I abq dating my husband 8 years ago have been married for 7. He had encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I love every inch of him he is beautiful inside and. When I was a kid I had an uncle used to call me fish cause god eyes were big well am pretty sure I grew Into them.

I had a man that looked just like Steve Harvey and I used to say he alright.

So yes the ones that look alright keep them. Oh well, I have had both….

Datte is only when the Lord leads the man whether ugly or handsome will the relationship work. Hey but thats ok no two people or alike. We will all have different opinion in some things.

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So being respectful of your opinion,I must agree to disagree. Steve aint no way in hell I am picking no ugly ass man to look at every single day and night of my life.